Pyrex TubingFor a variety of Pyrex tubing options to meet your needs, contact Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey. They regularly stock five different kinds of Pyrex tubing in addition to Pyrex rods.

Pyrex Tubing

Standard wall Pyrex tubing is an industry standard and forged from borosilicate glass. The cylindrical tubes are hollow and are used in many applications. From laboratory glassware to pharmaceutical packaging and lighting applications, standard wall tubing is a versatile product.

Because of the borosilicate glass formula, these tubes have a high resistance to heat and chemicals. This property makes them ideal for laboratory work. Pyrex tubing also has a very high mechanical strength and is resistant to pressure and stress.

Although these tubes can be used straight from the box, some applications require modification. For laboratory work, Pyrex tubing is often cut, bended or manipulated into shapes. Glass cutters are used to break tubing into smaller pieces. The freshly cut pieces are then smoothed with a flame to remove rough edges. Heating the Pyrex tubing over a Bunson flame makes the glass malleable. Hose bards can also be added to tubing, allowing for an improved grip and seal for attaching apparatus.

Medium and heavy wall Pyrex tubing is ideal for laboratory glassware, but is also used by power and telecommunication companies. The glass formula provides superior protection from corrosion and mechanical abrasion. And the built-in moisture barrier offers protection for power cables and wires that are buried underground.

Capillary tubing is also available to order through Mac Bic. These tiny tubes are often used to collect blood samples. The Pyrex tubing provides exceptional sample retention and can fill quickly without affecting integrity of the sample.

Standard of Excellence

All Corning Pryex tubing available to order through Mac Bic features a tried and tested formula that meets all pharmacopoeia specifications set forth by the United States for Type 1A glass.

Whatever your Pyrex tubing needs, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has got you covered.