Pyrex TubesAs one of the leading high tech glass suppliers in the United States, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey boasts an impressive inventory of Pyrex tubes, rods, glassware and more.

Pyrex Tubes

Macalaster Bicknell stocks five different kinds of glass tubing: heavy wall, medium wall, standard wall, special and capillary. The Pyrex tubes are most often used in laboratory environments, because they can be cut, bent and shaped to connect different kinds of scientific apparatus. The tubes are also made of borosilicate glass, which has a higher resistance to thermal shock than common glass. This is because the mixture of boron trioxide and silica produce a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This heat resistance is ideal for laboratory work where chemical solutions need to be heated and condensed repeatedly. The glass is also chemical resistant, subsequently lowering the risk of cross contamination.

In addition to laboratory applications, Pyrex tubes are also used to manufacture lighting products and package pharmaceuticals. Heavy wall and medium wall Pyrex tubes are often used by telecommunication and power companies to protect underground cables. The thicker walls protect the cables from corrosion and abrasion, and their moisture barrier prevents water damage.

Scientific Glassware

Macalaster Bicknell also stocks a wide variety of high tech glass products. We offer a selection of beakers, flasks, bottles and funnels made from borosilicate glass. For distillation purposes, we offer different sizes of round bottom flasks. The spherical shape evenly distributes heat for uniform boiling. For titration and stirring, we stock Erlenmeyer flasks. The wide bottom, slanted sides and short neck of the flask allows for swirling of chemical solutions without the risk of spilling. For storage, browse our selection of reagent, media and solution bottles.

Although we offer an expansive selection of high tech glass products, we also carry popular laboratory accessories. From lab coats, mechanical balances and labels to stopcocks, burets and stirring bars, we have everything you need for a fully stocked lab,.

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