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Pyrex Round Bottom Flask

A Pyrex round bottom flask gets its name from the spherical shape of its bottom. The flasks are traditionally used as laboratory glassware, most often for chemistry experiments. The round bottoms are ideal for heating or boiling liquid because they allow for a uniform application of heat. And because a sphere more evenly distributes pressure and stress across its surface, round bottom flasks are more resistant to fracturing when under a vacuum.

Distilling liquids and chemicals is also possible using a Pyrex round bottom flask. The round bottoms fit snuggly into electric heating mantles, allowing for precise and even heating.

The Pyrex round bottom flask also features a short ring neck, which is manufactured specifically to receive a uniform stopper fit. And because of the reinforced rim, these flasks feature greater mechanical strength.

The flask is forged from borosilicate glass, which meets all U.S. pharmacopeia specifications required for Type 1A glass. The wall thickness has been carefully calculated to offer the optimal balance between strength and heat expansion, which increases shock resistance. And its superior durability against chemical solutions allows for contamination-free results.

Mac Bic offers round bottom flasks in sizes ranging from 1,000 ml to 72 liters. And each order is carefully packaged and prepared for safe delivery. With Mac Bic’s low price guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal. And since they’ve been the preferred source of glass tubing, rods and supplies since 1950, you can also trust their customer service as well.

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