Pyrex Glass Tubing For SaleIf you’re searching for Pyrex glass tubing for sale, contact the experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey. We have been a preferred source of glass tubing, rods and products since 1950.

Borosilicate Glass

All of our Pyrex glass tubing for sale is made of high quality borosilicate glass. The glass is made from a combination of boron trioxide and silica, giving it a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The resulting glass has a high resistance to heat, shock and chemical penetration. These qualities make it an ideal material for laboratory glassware. Chemical resistance lowers the risk for cross contamination. And resistance to heat and shock is ideal for pieces that are repeatedly heated and cooled within the laboratory setting.

Heavy and Medium Wall Tubing

Macalaster Bicknell has a wide selection of heavy and medium wall Pyrex glass tubing for sale. The hollow, cylindrical tubes have thicker walls to offer protection from abrasion and corrosion. Subsequently, power and telecommunication companies prefer to use heavy and medium wall tubing because it offers superior protection for cables that are buried underground. The glass also has a built-in moisture barrier, protecting cables from water damage.

Standard and Special Wall Tubing

Our inventory of standard and special wall Pyrex glass tubing for sale is popular among biologists and chemists. The glass tubing can be easily bent, cut and shaped to accommodate a variety of laboratory setups.

Capillary Tubing

Small, delicate capillary tubes are ideal for storing small sample sizes. The chemical resistant glass means that each sample stored in the tubes are free from contamination.

Creative Uses

Although glass tubing is used in a variety of pharmaceutical, medicinal and scientific industries, it’s also a popular material in glass blowing and lampworking. Borosilicate is considered hard glass because of its high melting point and slow shrink rate during cooling. The glass is considered to be flexible and more forgiving to work with than soft glass for these reasons.

Borosilicate glass is colored using a mix of metals and silver. When heated with an oxygen flame, striking and unpredictable patterns are often achieved. The glass tubes are great for creating hollow wares like vases and containers. Solid colored glass rods are great for creating solid pieces like beads, figurines and pendants.

No matter what your intended application, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has the Pyrex glass tubing for sale that you need. Browse our extensive inventory and contact us today to place your order!