pyrex glass rodMacalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has been a preferred supplier of Pyrex glass rod, tubing and supplies since 1950.

Pyrex Glass Rod

All of our tubing and rod feature Pyrex brand borosilicate glass. The material is made from silica and boron trioxide. This combination gives the glass a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, borosilicate has a high resistance to heat, thermal shock and chemical penetration.

Because of these qualities, our Pyrex glass rod and tubing are often used in laboratory settings. The glass can withstand repeated heating and cooling without breaking down. The chemical resistance also cuts down on the likelihood of cross contamination. The glass tubing can be easily cut, bent and shaped to accommodate and connect a variety of scientific apparatus. And a single Pyrex glass rod can be cut and polished into numerous stirring bars.

Creative Uses

However, our Pyrex glass rods and tubing are used in more than just scientific, medical and industrial applications. Our pieces are also favored by glass blowers and lampworkers as well.

Because of borosilicate’s high resistance to heat, it melts at higher temperatures than common glass. It also shrinks slowly as it cools, giving artisans a larger window of opportunity to work with the molten glass before it cools completely. For these reasons, borosilicate is referred to as “hard glass.” It’s often considered more forgiving to work with than soft glass, which has a low melting point. Soft glass also cools faster and must be kept at a constant temperature during manipulation, or it will crack.

Our borosilicate tubing is often used to create hollow wares like vessels, vases and containers. But a Pyrex glass rod is ideal for creating solid pieces like pendants, beads and figurines.

We also stock a line of colored Pyrex glass rods for lampworking as well. Metals are added to the borosilicate to give them color. When these metals react with a hot oxygen flame, they can produce striking colors and unpredictable patterns.

For all your Pyrex glass rod and tubing needs, contact the high tech glass experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey.