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Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask

A Pyrex Erlenmeyer flask is a pear-shaped piece of laboratory glassware that features a flat bottom, tapered sides and a cylindrical neck. Named after German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer, the flask is also known as a conical or titration flask.

The mouth of the flask is either beaded so that it can be covered, or fitted with a connector for specialized stoppers.

Because of the tapered sides and narrow neck, a Pyrex Erlenmeyer flask can be swirled without risk of spilling its contents. This feature makes it ideal for titration and boiling. When liquids are heated, vapors condense just below the neck of the flask, reducing solvent loss. And the cylindrical neck can also support filter funnels.

These flasks aren’t reliable for accurate volumetric measurements, as the volumes stamped on the glass are precise within a 5% accuracy.

Biologists are also known to use a Pyrex Erlenmeyer flask when preparing microbial cultures. They can be used to maximize gas exchange during incubation and can also be used for oxygenation.

Impressive Inventory

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pyrex Erlenmeyer flak, Mac Bic sells them in cases of 24. The fragile flasks will be packaged by personnel with experience in preparing glassware for shipment. If a flask arrives damaged, the experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey will work with you to file a personal claim and replace the broken flask. A variety of payment options and international shipping means that MBCONJ can deliver these flasks wherever they’re needed.

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