pyrex 2000 ml flaskIf you’re on the hunt for a Pyrex 2000 mL flask, the glass gurus at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey have what you need.

Mac Bic offers a variety of 2000 mL flasks, including round bottoms, Erlenmeyer flasks and volumetric flask banks.

Pyrex Flasks

A Pyrex 2000 mL flask with a round bottom is most often used for chemical or biochemical laboratory work. The spherical bottoms are forged from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are ideal for uniform heating. They can also be paired with a Liebig condenser and used for distillation. And because a sphere evenly distributes stress points across its surface, the round bottom flask is more resistant to fracturing in a vacuum.

Mac Bic also offers Erlenmeyer flasks, also known as a conical or titration flasks. With wide bases, sloping sides and a short, vertical neck, these flasks are best used for titration and recrystallization.

Another type of Pyrex 2000 mL flask available through MBCONJ is the volumetric flask. The pear-shaped flasks have a flat bottom and a screw cap or joint at the mouth to accommodate a glass stopper. The purpose of this flask is to contain a certain amount of chemical solution at a particular temperature. Chemists will use volumetric flasks for dilutions or when preparing solutions.

Preferred Pyrex Suppliers

No matter what kind of Pyrex 2000 mL flask you’re looking for, Mac Bic is sure to have it. Since 1950, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has been a trusted source of glass tubing, rods and supplies, and is fully stocked with the high tech glass you need.

Each order is hand packed by personnel experienced in shipping fragile glass products. If products arrived damaged, Mac bic will work with you in processing a claim. Their low price guarantee means that you’re getting the best value possible. Coupled with their superior customer service, it’s no wonder they’ve been in business for nearly seventy years.