purpose of a beakerWhen it comes to scientific glassware, nothing is as synonymous with laboratory work than the humble beaker. And at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey, we produce a variety of beakers to fulfill an assortment of applications.

Beaker Purpose

Although the purpose of a beaker is to contain and measure liquids, the glassware can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Most often, a beaker is cylindrical in shape and has a flat bottom. Some beakers have a small beak or spout to aid in the pouring of liquids.

Although beakers can be made from various metals or plastics, most are forged from borosilicate glass. The glass is made from a combination of silica and boron trioxide, which gives it a high resistance to thermal shock and chemical penetration.

Low-Form/ Standard Beakers

Standard beakers are also called “low-form” and have a height about one and a half times the diameter. The low form beaker with a spout was invented by John Joseph Griffin, which is why it’s often referred to as a Griffin beaker. The purpose of beakers like these can range from preparing solutions and decanting liquids to performing simple reactions. A standard beaker can be used in just about any chemical experiment.

Berzelius/ Tall-Form Beakers

Beakers with a height twice their diameter are called “tall-form,” or Berzelius beakers. They’re most often used for titration.

Flat Beakers

Flat beakers are also called crystallizers because they’re most popular for inducing crystallization. However, they’re also used for hot-bath heating as well.

Beakers differ from flasks because they have straight sides, not gradual. The only exception is the Phillips beaker, which has slightly conical sides.

Beakers with a spout cannot accommodate a lid. But they can be covered by a watch glass to prevent content loss or contamination. A beaker can also be covered by a larger, inverted beaker as well if a watch glass is not available.

Beaker Supplier

No matter what the intended purpose of beakers, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey can supply you with the high quality glassware you need. Browse our available beakers and place your order today.