preferred glassFor almost seventy years, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has been a preferred glass supplier in the United States and beyond. Our expansive inventory of glass tubing, rods and supplies, coupled with our superior customer service, have made us a staple in the high tech glass industry.

Borosilicate Glass Products

All of our glass products feature the trusted Pyrex brand of borosilicate glass. Forged from boron trioxide and silica, the glass has a high resistance to shock, heat and chemical penetration. These properties are ideal for a variety of medicinal and scientific applications, as chemical solutions are often heated and cooled repeatedly. Chemical resistance also lessens the probability of cross contamination, which is essential when working with multiple different chemicals.

Glass Tubing & Rods

Macalaster Bicknell is a preferred glass tubing supplier. Our extensive inventory includes heavy, medium, standard and special wall tubing, in addition to capillary tubing. These tubes are often bent, cut and shaped to accommodate complicated laboratory setups.

Borosilicate glass tubes are also used by glass blowers and lampworkers to create stunning glass pieces. Considered a hard glass, borosilicate has a high melting point and shrinks slowly when cooling. These properties make borosilicate the preferred glass to work with because it is considered more forgiving than soft glass.

From power and telecommunication industries to pharmaceutical companies to research laboratories, our versatile glass tubing is a staple in a number of different markets.

Our glass rods are also as versatile as our glass tubes. Rods are used in laboratory applications as stirring bars. Their chemical and heat resistance makes them great for mixing solutions without risk of contamination.

Colored glass rods are also ideal for lampworking. Metal or silver is often used to color the glass and produces unpredictable and striking colors when heated with an oxygen flame. Rods are often used to create solid pieces like beads, paper weights and pendants.

In addition to our glass tubes and rods, Macalaster Bicknell also stocks a variety of popular glass products like beakers, bottles, flasks and funnels. Browse our selection of accessories to fully stock your laboratory or classroom setting.

Impressive Inventory

A source of preferred glass products, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey stocks the items you’re looking for. Contact us today to place your order!