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Items on Hand in our Vineland location:

Item NumberItem Short NameQTY On Hand (Eaches)Location CodeItem Description
M1-FIL-RF90Nalge 169-004512NJBU1Nalge 500 mL Rapid-Flow™ Filter Unit 0.45 µm aPES membrane, 90mm dia, 12/cs
B2-NAL-0008Nalge 2006-000836NJBU18 oz (250 ml) narrow mouth PPCO bottle 12/pk
B2-NAM-0032Nalge 2006-003212NJBU132 oz(1000 ml) narrow mouth PPCO bottle 6/pk
B2-NAM-S500Nalge 2015-050024NJBU1Nalgene® Square Polycarbonate Bottles with Closure, 500ML, 24/cs, Closure size 38-430mm
B2-WIM-L250Nalge 2103-000860NJBU1250 ml Wide Mouth Bottle LDPE 12/pk 72/cs
B2-WIM-L500Nalge 2103-001660NJBU1500ML Wide Mouth Bottle,  LDPE, 12/pk 48/cs
B2-WIM-L01LNalge 2103-003212NJBU11 L Wide Mouth Bottle LDPE 6/pk 24/cs
B2-MAS-0500Nalge 2115-050054NJBU1Mason Jar PP 500 mL 6/pk 24/cs
B2-CAR-0010Nalge 2210-00207NJBU110 L Carboy with Handles, LDPE, 6/case
B2-CAR-5GALNalge 2210-00501NJBU15 Gal(20 L) round LDPE carboy with handles 4/cs
B2-WIM-212GNalge 2234-00204NJBU12 1/2 Gal (10 L) wide mouth LDPE carboy with handles 6/cs
B2-CAR-S010Nalge 2318-00209NJBU1Carboy with Spigot LDPE 10 L 6/cs
B2-CAR-SPIGNalge 2320-00206NJBU19 L rectangular HDPE carboy with spigot 6/cs
B2-WIM-1000Nalge 2402-100026NJBU11000 ml wide mouth LDPE bottle 2/pk 12/cs
T2-999-0016Nalge 5930-00162NJBU116 mm test tube rack 4/cs
T2-999-0812Nalge 5977-00136NJBU1Polypropylene Filled Test Tube Peg Racks, 8×12, white, Case of 8
T2-999-0510Nalge 5977-00176NJBU1Polypropylene Filled Test Tube Peg Racks, 5×10, white, Case of 8
L1-DRO-68MMNalge 6219-0068800NJBU1Disposable Dropper, 68mm
M1-LBL-0015Nalge 6309-0015480NJBU11″ x 1 1/2″ label 480/pk
M1-LBL-0020Nalge 6309-0020720NJBU11″ x 2″ label 240/pk
M1-LBL-0040Nalge 6309-0040180NJBU12″ x 4″ label 60/pk
M1-LBL-RTOKNalge 6316-100075NJBU1Right To Know Label, 25/pk 150/cs
C1-SPI-0118Nalge 6422-00103NJBU1Quick-Action Spigot PP fits 1-1/8″ spigot boss for carboys 1-1/8 inch 12/cs