wheaton serum bottlesWheaton serum bottles are a popular piece of science and medical glassware. And they’re available for purchase through Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey’s extensive inventory of high-tech glass.

Wheaton Serum Bottles

Similar to Pyrex products, Wheaton serum bottles are forged from borosilicate glass. Made from mostly silica and boron trioxide, the glass features a high resistance to heat, shock, chemicals and thermal expansion. The bottles often feature a round shoulder design, short neck and narrow mouth.

Clear Wheaton serum bottles are used when the contents stored inside the bottle need to be easily identifiable. But the bottles can also be tinted blue or amber to protect light-sensitive chemical solutions.

Bottle blanks are typically used for storage purposes. But glass serum bottles can also feature graduated measurements for dispensing and adding contents. Wheaton serum bottles can even be autoclavable if the solutions within require absolute sterility.

All Wheaton serum bottles stocked through MBCONJ have passed the United States Pharmacopoeia requirements for Type IA glass.

In addition to being ideal for long-term sample storage, Wheaton serum bottles are also used frequently for vaccine and injectable drug containers.

The Wheaton serum bottles available through MBCONJ are clear and come in either 30mL or 400mL sizes. Bottles do not come with lids, but will accommodate standard caps or stoppers.

Mac Bic

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