round glass flaskWhether you need heavy wall glass tubing, media bottles or a round glass flask, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has the high tech glassware you’re looking for.

All of our glassware is made of borosilicate glass. The popular material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning it has a high resistance to both thermal shock and chemical penetration. These properties make it ideal for laboratory glassware, where chemical solutions are heated and cooled repeatedly. And because the glassware is chemical resistant, the likelihood for cross contamination is minimal.


We stock a round bottom flasks in a variety of sizes. The round glass flask is ideal for distillation processes because the spherical shape of the flask allows for even distribution of heat. Additionally, the round glass flask can accommodate increasing pressure because stress is also evenly distributed across the spherical surface area.

The Erlenmeyer flask is most often used for titration. Because of the flask’s flat base, sloping sides and short neck, there is a low probability of spillage during swirling and mixing processes. Like the round glass flask, Erlenmeyers have a wide base and narrow neck. This is great for reducing solvent loss, because vapors condense within the flask, instead of escaping through the mouth of the flasks.

Storage Bottles

Macalaster Bicknell stocks a variety of glass bottles for all your storage needs. From reagent and media bottles to serum and solution bottles, we stock an array of sizes to accommodate your storage needs. Some of our bottles are sealed with threaded caps, while others accommodate universal rubber stoppers.

Glass Tubing

Our inventory includes an array of lengths and thicknesses of glass tubing. We offer heavy wall, medium wall, special and standard wall glass tubing. For extra small storage needs, we also sell capillary tubing.

Laboratory Accessories

In addition to scientific glassware, we also stock necessary and popular accessories to complete your laboratory setups. From lab coats, labels and pan liners to brushes, burets and pipettes, we have everything you need to carry out your scientific experiments.

At Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey, we’ve been a leading supplier of glass tubing, rods and supplies since 1950. Browse our extensive inventory and contact us today to place your order!