round bottom flask priceRound bottom flasks are a staple in most biology and chemistry laboratories. At Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey, we stock an array of sizes to accommodate a variety of intended applications.

Round Bottom Flask Price

Our round bottom flask price fluctuates based on the size and quantity of flasks. Our smallest round bottom flask is 1000mL and can only be purchased by the case, which contains 8 flasks. The price of one case comes to around $225.

The next largest flask is 2000mL and comes in a quantity of 6 per case. The round bottom flask price for this case is around $291. Our next size up is 5mL, and you can purchase a case of 8 for $454.

Our largest round bottom flasks are sold individually. A single 12L flask is $87, and a 22L flask runs around $306. Our 50L flask is $660, and our largest round bottom flask is 72L, set at a price of $890.

High Quality

Although prices may vary for each flask, they’re all made from the same high quality Pyrex brand borosilicate glass. The glass is made from a combination of boron trioxide and silica, giving the glass a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This quality makes the glass resistant to both thermal shock and chemical penetration.

Because the glass is resistant to thermal shock, it can withstand numerous heating and cooling applications without breaking down or cracking. And its chemical resistance makes it an ideal piece of laboratory glassware because it lowers the risk of cross contamination.

These round bottom flasks often used for distillation applications because the spherical shape guarantees even distribution of heat. The narrow neck also helps prevent solvent loss, as vapors condense below the neck, instead of escaping through the mouth.

Leading Supplier of High Tech Glassware

In addition to stocking some of the highest quality products around, we also ensure that our round bottom flask price is competitive in the marketplace. That’s why we’ve been a leading provider of high tech tubing, rods and glassware since 1950. Check out our inventory of round bottom flasks and place your order with us today!