round bottom bottleAt Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey, we have over 70 years of experience in the high tech glassware industry. Although we stock a large supply of glass tubing and rods, we also offer a variety of beakers, bottles, flasks and funnels.

Round Bottom Bottles/Flasks

A round bottom bottle or flask is a popular piece of laboratory glassware. The flasks are made from borosilicate glass, which has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, the bottles are highly resistant to thermal shock, making them ideal for heating or boiling liquids. The round bottom bottles are primarily used during distillation, which is a process that separates components from a liquid through boiling and condensation. And because the glass is also chemical resistant, there is little chance for cross contamination.

The spherical shape of the round bottom bottles is also highly resistant to fracture, because stress is more evenly distributed across the surface area. All of these features make the flask ideal for a laboratory setting.

Erlenmeyer Flask

Unlike round bottom bottles, the Erlenmeyer flask features a flat bottom, conical body and cylindrical neck. Because the wide base tapers up to a short, vertical neck, the flask is often used for titration. This is because contents can be swirled without the risk of spillage.

Similar to round bottom bottles, the Erlenmeyer flask can be used to boil liquids, because hot vapors condense on the upper section of the flask, reducing solvent loss. The flasks are also great for recrystallization for this same reason.

Glass Funnels

Macalaster Bicknell stocks two kinds of glass funnels. Separatory funnels are cone-shaped with a hemispherical end. They’re used for liquid-liquid extractions of components with difference densities. Stemless funnels are also available through Macalaster Bicknell and are most often used for recrystallization purposes. In traditional funnels, a hot solvent can cool in the stem, forming crystals and clogging the opening. By removing the stem, this risk diminishes completely.

Storage bottles

We stock a variety of glass storage bottles, including jar blanks, media bottles, reagent bottles and solutions bottles. Each piece of glassware is used to store different kinds of chemical solutions, and comes fitted with a threaded cap or a standard neck opening that can accommodate a universal rubber stopper.

Whatever your scientific glass needs are, the high tech glass experts at Macalester Bicknell Company of New Jersey have what you’re looking for. Contact us today to place your order!