Kjeldahl flaskA Kjeldahl flask is an essential piece of distilling glassware, but don’t purchase one just anywhere! The experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey have been in the business of supplying high-tech glass products for nearly 70 years. Our experienced professionals and low-price guarantee means that Mac Bic is committed to providing our customers with the best value possible on laboratory glassware.

Kjeldahl Flask

The main function of a Kjeldahl flask is to aid in distilling chemical solutions in a laboratory. These flasks often feature one narrow neck made of ground glass. The design of the spherical or pear-shaped base allows for more even heating during distillation. Although distillation flasks come in various shapes, the Kjeldahl flask is most often pear-shaped with a short neck. In addition to distilling liquids, a Kjeldahl flask also allows for the reception of distilled solutions.

Mac Bic is stocked with Pyrex brand 5000 mL Kjeldahl flask blanks. One order includes 60 flasks. These flask blanks do not feature gradual volumetric measurements on the side of the glass. The narrow neck and wide mouth is meant to accommodate standard stands and clamps.

Macalaster Bicknell

Located in Millville, New Jersey, Mac Bic has been a leading supplier of glass tubing, rods and supplies since 1950. Extreme care is taken when packaging every order. Experienced personnel check every item multiple times prior to packaging. If damage does occur in transit, we will work with customers in processing claims and sending replacements.

In addition to the Kjeldahl flask, Mac Bic also offers a number of other distilling glassware, including round-bottom flasks and Buchner flasks. All glassware sold through Mac Bic are Pyrex brand and feature Corning’s trusted formula. The borosilicate glass allows for even heat distribution, which is ideal for distillation. And because it’s also chemical resistant, the glassware is not conducive to cross-contamination.

Contact Mac Bic today for all your high-tech glassware needs and experience for yourself the superior service and products available through Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey.