heavy wall glass tubingWhether you’re a skilled artisan or professional chemist, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey is fully stocked with the heavy wall glass tubing you need.

Heavy Wall Glass Tubing

Heavy wall glass tubing is a versatile product. It can be used by chemists for scientific research, development and experimentation. Because of its thick walls, the tubing can provide protection from abrasion and corrosion. For this reason, heavy wall glass tubing is also favored by the power and telecommunication industries for cable repair. The tubing features a moisture barrier, making it ideal for protecting cables and wires that are buried underground.

Artists also rely on heavy wall glass tubing. Glass blowing and lampworking require this kind of heavy glass to complete delicate pieces of functional art.

Pyrex tubing meets the pharmacopeia specifications required for Type 1A glass manufactured and sold in the United States. The tubing features a low expansion borosilicate composition, which means that it has a high resistance to chemical compounds. Mac Bic only supplies heavy wall glass tubing manufactured by Pyrex, ensuring the highest quality product available. We also offer a variety of sizes, diameters and quantities to meet your needs.

Exceptional Service

Each order is carefully packaged by experienced personnel for optimal delivery. If the items are damaged during delivery, we will work with you to process a claim. With international shipping options and a variety of payment choices available, customers around the world have access to one of the most preferred sources of high tech glass supplies. And with our low price guarantee, it’s no wonder why we’ve been in business for over sixty years.

Browse our wide selection of heavy wall glass tubing to find the product you need. If you ever need to return or exchange a product, customer service will work promptly in authorizing all justified returns. Mac Bic strives to provide customers with the best value and service possible. Contact us today and experience it for yourself!