glass tubingMacalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey offers a variety of glass tubing options. From standard and special wall to medium and heavy wall tubing, Mac Bic has the glass tubing you’re looking for!

Standard Wall Glass Tubing

All of the standard wall glass tubing available through Mac Bic is manufactured by Pyrex and meets all pharmacopeia specifications required by the United States for Type 1A glass. The low expansion borosilicate composition has a high chemical resistance. It’s one of the most popular types of glass tubing used in laboratories around the world. Pyrex standard wall glass tubing is often used in chemistry labs for scientific research and experimentation.

Medium & Heavy Wall Glass Tubing

Medium and heavy wall glass tubing is also available for order through Mac Bic. The tubing provides protection from mechanical abrasion and corrosion. It’s most often used by power and telecommunication markets in cable repair. The moisture barrier built into the tubing also makes it ideal for protecting cables and wires that need to be buried underground.

Capillary Tubing

Macalaster Bicknell also supplies capillary glass tubing, which is designed for safe blood collection and micro-hematocrit determinations. The tubing provides superior sample retention and can fill quickly without affecting the integrity of the sample.

Special Wall Glass Tubing

Special wall glass tubing is also available to order through MBCONJ. A variety of tubing thicknesses, diameters and lengths are available to meet the needs of multiple scientific applications.

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