glass tubes for saleFor a wide selection of Pyrex glass tubes for sale, browse the expansive inventory at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey. We’ve been a preferred source of glass tubing, rod and supplies for almost seventy years.

Borosilicate Glass Tubes

All of our glass tubes for sale feature the trusted Pyrex brand of borosilicate glass. The material is made from silica and boron trioxide, which gives it a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, the resulting glass has a high resistance to heat, shock and chemical penetration. This kind of glass is an industry staple for a number of industries, especially laboratory glassware. Beakers, flasks and bottles are often repeatedly heated and cooled to encourage chemical reactions. Borosilicate can stand up to this kind of repeated heating more so than common glass.


Our heavy wall and medium wall glass tubes for sale are popular among power and telecommunications companies. The hollow tubes can accommodate cables that need to be buried underground. And the thick glass walls offer superior protection from abrasion, corrosion and water damage.

Our standard and special wall tubes are great for pharmaceutical packaging, medical applications and laboratory setups. The tubes can be cut, bent and shaped to accommodate a variety of scientific apparatus within complex experimental setups.

Capillary tubes are the smallest and thinnest glass tubes for sale that we offer. The delicate tubes are ideal for small storage samples. And because the glass is chemical resistant, the samples can remain free from contamination.

Although a lot of the most common applications for glass tubing is industrial or medical in nature, the tubes are also favored by glass blowers and lampworkers to make beautifully intricate glass pieces.

Our colored glass tubes for sale are also borosilicate, which is considered a “hard glass.” That’s because borosilicate has a high melting point and shrinks slowly as it cools. This gives artisans a larger window of time to manipulate the glass, making it more flexible and forgiving to work with than soft glass.

To color our Boromax rods, metals or silver is mixed into the borosilicate. When heated with an oxygen flame, the metals create striking and unpredictable colors and patterns in the final piece.

In addition to our colored glass tubes for sale, we also stock colored rods. The solid glass rods are best used when creating solid decorative pieces like beads, figurines or paper weights.

Glass Tubing Experts

No matter what your application, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has the glass tubes for sale to meet your needs. Browse our inventory and place an order with us today!