glass separatory funnelMacalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey is a preferred source of high tech glassware in the United States. Although our tubing, rods and glass supplies can be used in a variety of industries, most of our products are used to supply chemistry and biology laboratories. Once piece of essential laboratory glassware that we offer is the glass separatory funnel.

Glass Separatory Funnel

Also known as a separation or sep funnel, a glass separatory funnel is an integral piece of laboratory glassware that is used in liquid extractions. The funnel separates components within a mixture into solvent phases of differing densities.

The glass separatory funnel is cone shaped with a hemispherical end. A stopper is located at the top, and a stopcock is situated at the bottom. The funnel is made from borosilicate glass, which is a mixture of silica and boron trioxide. The makeup of the glass allows for resistance from both chemical penetration and thermal shock. Sizes can range between 30mL to 3L.

Macalaster Bicknell offers glass separatory funnel blanks in 125mL, 250mL, 500mL and 1000mL sizes. All of our blanks are Pyrex brand and made of borosilicate glass.

A drawback of using the glass separatory funnel is the formation of emulsions. These occur when liquids are mixed in the funnel. Small droplets become suspended in the aqueous solution. If an emulsion forms, slowly swirl the solution in the funnel. If the emulsion doesn’t separate, add a small amount of saturated saline solution.

When using the glass separatory funnel, make sure to open the stopper at the top of the funnel often while mixing. If not, the gas that forms during the mixing will release, and create a pressure build-up. By allowing the gas to release through the stopper, no pressure can build.

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