glass media bottlesFor a superior selection of glass media bottles, serum bottles and other kinds of glass storage solutions, browse the impressive inventory at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey.

Borosilicate Glass

All of our glass tubing, rods and supplies are made of Pyrex brand borosilicate glass. The mixture of boron trioxide and silica gives the glass a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, it has a high resistance to heat, shock and chemical penetration. Although the glass is used to make a variety of beakers, flasks and funnels, it’s also an ideal material for storage bottles.

Media Bottles

Glass media bottles are used for mixing solutions, in addition to storing samples. Although the bottle can be made from plastic, all of our glass media bottles are crafted from borosilicate. The bottles can range in both size and shape, from round shoulder designs to square shapes for easy grip and efficient storage. Although some bottles accommodate universal stoppers, our glass media bottles have threaded necks that receive autoclavable caps. Our media bottles are glass blanks, meaning they do not feature graduated measurements. We offer 100mL and 5000mL sizes.

Serum Bottles

Much like our glass media bottles, serum bottles are used to store contents that require protection from outside contamination. However, due to their round should design, short neck and narrow mouth, serum bottles are not ideal for mixing solutions as they cannot easily accommodate a stirring bar. Although our inventory of glassware is made of clear glass, some serum bottles can be tinted blue or amber to protect light-sensitive solutions from harmful UV-rays. Serum bottles can be used in medical, academic, laboratory or industrial settings.

Solution Bottles

Our line of glass solution bottles offers some of the largest storage solutions available. Beginning at 2.5 gallons and reaching up to 12 gallons, our solution bottle blanks can accommodate large amounts of chemical solutions or distilled water.

From our smallest glass media bottles to our largest solution bottles, we have the storage containers you’re looking for at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey. Browse our extensive inventory and place your order with us today!