glass blowing suppliesAlthough we’re most often known for our extensive inventory of high tech scientific glassware, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey also stocks a variety of glass blowing supplies.

Glass Blowing Supplies

Our borosilicate glass tubes are a staple in the glass blowing and lampworking industries. Borosilicate is made from boron trioxide and silica, giving it a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This quality gives the glass a high resistance to heat and thermal shock. Consequently, borosilicate has a very high melting point. It also shrinks slowly as it cools, qualifying it as a “hard glass.” Hard glass is considered more flexible and forgiving to work with, as artisans have a greater window of time to work with the molten glass as it cools.

Soft glasses like soda-lime and lead have a lower melting point, and shrink quickly as they cool. The glasses must be kept at a consistent temperature during manipulation, or they can easily crack and break.

At Macalaster Bicknell, we only stock borosilicate glass tubing and rod. But our available glass blowing supplies also includes a selection of Boromax colored rods.

Metals – particularly silver – are added to borosilicate glass to produce colored tubing and rods. Oxygen flames are required to heat borosilicate to reach the high melting point. The oxygen in the flame reacts with the metals in the glass to produce striking and unpredictable patterns and colors.

Our glass tubes are preferred for making hollow wares like vases, vessels and other types of containers. But our rods are most often used when creating solid decorative pieces, like beads, figurines and pendants.

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Browse our impressive selection of glass tubes, rods and glassblower supplies today. At Macalaster Bicknell, we hand pack all of our orders and double check each package to ensure a safe delivery. For high quality glass blowing supplies and superior customer service, trust the high tech glass experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey.