disposal beakerIf you’ve got a need for one-use containers, then Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has the solution for you. A disposable beaker can be used for all the same applications as a glass beaker, without any of the commitment! The beakers are made of transparent polystyrene, which is heat-resistant up to 60 degrees Celsius. A disposable beaker can be used for sample collection and storage or for mixing, titrating, measuring or preparing samples.

Mac Bic stocks disposable beakers in 5mL and 10mL sizes. Both types will accept waxed lids for sample protection and identification. All beakers feature a four way pour spout and tapered sides. One order includes 1000 beakers.

A disposable beaker is cylindrical, much like a traditional glass beaker. Most also have a small spout, or “beak,” that allows for easy pouring. The beakers feature graduated measurements that are visible on the side of the container. Measurements are made in both ounces and milliliters.

The beakers are made from polystyrene, one of the most widely-used plastics available. In its solid state, the disposable beaker is glassy, hard and rather brittle. If heated above 100 degrees Celsius, the beaker will begin to melt. In addition to a disposable beaker, polystyrene is used to create protective packaging (like packing peanuts), containers, bottles, trays, and even plastic cutlery.


Although Mac Bic has been a preferred source of glass tubing and supplies since 1950, they also stock and supply other essential laboratory tools, like the disposable beaker. Let their experienced personnel hand pack your orders to ensure quick and painless shipment. If for any reason your order arrives damaged, they’ll work with you to file a claim and ship out a replacement. And their low-price guarantee ensures that you’re getting the best value around.

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