corning rodA glass Corning rod can have multiple different uses. From scientific applications to creative endeavors, the Corning rod is a versatile product. But not matter what your intended use, the glass experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey have the rods you need within our extensive inventory!

All of the Corning rods available through Macalaster Bicknell are made of borosilicate glass. Made from boron trioxide and silica, the glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Subsequently, the rods have a high resistance to thermal shock, as well as chemical penetration.

Scientific Applications

A staple of laboratory equipment, the Corning rod is often referred to as a stirring rod. Its main purpose is to mix chemicals or liquids thoroughly. Because the glass is also chemical resistant, it provides a way to perform controlled agitation without interacting or altering the chemical solution. Although it is recommended to clean the rod after each use to avoid contamination, the rods can be cleaned by simply placing them in clean water and stirring.

Stirring rods are typically between 10 and 40 centimeters long, and about as long and thick as a drinking straw. They’re made from a single piece of Corning rod that is cut into smaller segments and rounded by flame polishing to prevent scratching. The rod can also be flattened to circulate sediment or shaped into a triangular paddle to crush solids.

In addition to titration, a Corning rod can be used to induce crystallization by scratching the inside of a test tube or beaker. The rods are also great at breaking up an emulsion.

Artistic Uses

In addition to its popular application as a stirring rod, a colored Corning rod is also used during glass blowing and lampworking. The borosilicate rods are considered a hard glass because they have a high melting point and shrink slowly when cooling. This gives the artisan more time to manipulate the glass, which is considered more flexible and forgiving than soft glass.

Glass rods are great for creating solid pieces, like figurines, pendants, paper weights, glass beads and goblets. Metals or silver is often used to color the rods and produce unexpected patterns when heated with an oxygen flame.

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