bottle blanksIf you’re drawing a blank on where to order more bottle blanks, don’t despair. The high tech glass experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey have what you’re looking for!

Reagent Bottle Blanks

Reagent bottle blanks are available in 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL and 2000 mL sizes. The bottle is made from borosilicate glass, which gives it a high resistance to heat and chemicals. Often times, reagent bottles are tinted to protect light-sensitive chemical solutions stored inside. Reagent bottle blanks do not feature the graduated marks on the side of the bottle indicating volumetric measurements. However, they are often topped with specials caps or stoppers for use in lab work or for storage purposes.

Solution Bottle Blanks

Mac Bic also stocks solution bottle blanks in 2.5, 3.5, 5 and 12-gallon increments. The bottles are often used for laboratory storage. The necks of the bottle blanks are designed to increase mechanical strength and accommodate uniform stoppers.

Serum Bottle Blanks

Two sizes of serum bottle blanks are available for order through Mac Bic: 4000 mL and 9000 mL. These bottles are often made from borosilicate glass for its heat, chemical and shock resistance. A round shoulder, short neck and narrow mouth are common features of serum bottle blanks. They can also be tinted with amber or blue coloring to protect light-sensitive chemicals.

Media Bottle Blanks

Lastly, Mac Bic stocks media bottle blanks. The 100 mL Pyrex bottle features a 45 threaded mouth, but does not include caps. The 5000 mL bottle blanks are PVC-coated and come complete with threaded caps.

The Mac Bic Difference

Not all bottle blanks are the same! Macalaster Bicknell only stocks Pyrex brand bottle blanks in their inventory, manufactured with Corning’s tried and true borosilicate glass formula. Our robust inventory of bottle blanks -coupled with our low price guarantee – means that Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey is your one-stop shop for affordable, quality high-tech glass!