5l round bottom flaskA 5L round bottom flask is a useful and multi-purpose piece of laboratory glassware. Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey supplies these flasks at a competitive rate and in quantities of 8 pieces per order.

Round Bottom Flasks

Round bottom flasks are so named because of their spherical bottoms, which allow for even distribution of heat and pressure. The spherical shape evenly distributes stress across its surface, making it more resistant to fracture. The flasks are most often made from borosilicate glass, which is heat and chemical resistant. 5L round bottom flasks are ideal for distillation because of these properties. The shape of the flask and the formula of the glass make it an ideal tool for uniformly heating chemical solutions.

In addition to heating or boiling liquid, a 5L round bottom flask can also be used to contain chemical reactions. Borosilicate glass is also chemical resistant, eliminating the concern for cross-contamination. Chemists often use round bottom flasks to contain chemical reactions.

A downfall of the round bottom flask is its ability to receive stir sticks. Due to their short necks and round bottoms, they can’t accept large stir bars. Material is either poorly incorporated or left to settle at the bottom. For this reason, a 5L round bottom flask wouldn’t be ideal for titration.

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