50ml buretA 50mL buret is a staple in any analytic chemistry laboratory. And Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey can make sure you’re fully stocked without breaking the bank.

Buret Uses & Applications

A buret (or burette) is a piece of laboratory glassware that can both dispense and measure a specific amount of chemical solution at the same time. It features a long, narrow glass tube with precise graduated measurements. A stopcock is located at the base of the tube, and controls the flow of liquid. A tapered capillary tube at the base of the stopcock allows for controlled dispensing.

In addition to a 50mL buret, Mac Bic also stocks 25mL and 100 mL sizes. Buret brushes are also available to order online. The small bristle brushes are designed to clean the narrow glass tubes of the buret.

Burets perform especially well when a chemical solution requires titration. Compared to a pipette, a 50mL buret offers greater precision when adding or removing fluid. Because a buret has graduated marks on the outside of the glass, it is easy to get an exact reading of volumetric measurements. Its superior measurement makes the buret a preferred tool for titration because the precision for adding the titrant is much easier to ensure.

The glass used to create a buret is resistant to chemicals, and therefore can be filled with acidic solutions. Turning the buret perpendicular allows for the small tap to be opened. The stopcock and capillary tube then allows the solution to be added in a stream or in single drops.

Trust the Experts

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