5000 ml round bottom flaskA 5000 ml round bottom flask may be a staple in most laboratories, but not all glassware is made the same! Trust the experts at Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey, who have been in the business of high tech glass for nearly seventy years.

Round Bottom Flasks

Round bottom flasks get their name from their spherical shape. They’re often forged from borosilicate glass, which is heat and chemical resistant. And because of its shape, the round bottom flasks offer even distribution of heat. Electric heating mantles accommodate the round shape of these flasks and can be used for distillation, boiling and encouraging chemical reactions.

Chemists will use a 5000 ml round bottom flask to contain chemical solutions and reactions. Boiling chips can also be added to the flasks for distillation to allow for gradual boiling.

These flasks feature at least one tubular neck which are standardized to accommodate stoppers. When stored, flasks are often help upright by clamps or cork rings secured around the neck.

A downfall of the 5000 ml round bottom flask is its ability to ensure proper stirring. Large stir bars can’t reach the bulbous bottom from the straight neck, and material can settle in the bottom. Additional apparatus – like condensers or a mechanical stirrer- can be attached to the neck of the flask to help with this issue.

High Tech Glass Experts

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