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Colored Pyrex Tubes

There are two variations of colored Pyrex glass tubes: “hard” and “soft” glass. Soda-lime and lead glass are often referred to as soft glasses, because they melt at low temperatures. However, these glasses can be difficult to work with because they must be kept at an even temperature when manipulated, or they can easily crack.

Borosilicate glass is considered a hard glass because it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The tubing has a higher melting point and shrinks less during cooling, making it a more forgiving material to work with. The metals in the colored Pyrex glass tubes also react with the oxygen in the flame to produce unexpected and striking color variations in the finished pieces.

Colored Pyrex glass tubes are often used to create hollow wares, like vases, containers or other kinds of vessels. Glass rods are preferred for solid work, like bead making, crafting paperweights and decorating goblets.

Scientific Applications

Although colored tubing and rods are often used to create artistic pieces, they can also be used for scientific applications. Most larger universities hire scientific glassblowers to create custom scientific apparatus. Although most laboratory glassware is clear, some reagent or media bottles are made of amber, blue or green glass. This is so light-sensitive chemicals can be stored without risk of contamination.

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