colored borosilicate glass tubingSince 1950, Macalaster Bicknell Company of New Jersey has been a leading supplier of glass tubing, rods and supplies. Although our high tech glass products are most often used in pharmaceutical or scientific applications, we do offer a line of colored borosilicate glass tubing that is favored by artisans to create stunning glass pieces.

Boromax Color Rods

Although borosilicate’s low coefficient of thermal expansion is ideal for laboratory work, it’s also great for lampworking and glassblowing. That’s because the glass has a higher melting point and is therefore referred to as a “hard glass.” During the lampworking process, a burner torch is used to melt the glass. Metals are used to color the borosilicate glass and can often cause striking and unpredictable results when heated. Once molten, metal and graphite tools shape the glass into the desired shapes.

Colored Borosilicate Glass Tubing Vs Rods

Glass tubing and rods are both used when lampworking. Rods are often used for solid pieces, like beads, pendants, paper weights and figurines. Tubing is used when creating vessels or containers, or other kinds of hollow wares.

Soft Glass Vs Hard Glass

The most common types of glass used during the lampworking process are classified as soft and hard glass. Soda-lime and lead glass are considered soft glass, because they melt at low temperatures. However, soft glass doesn’t react well to sudden temperature changes. Soft glass expands and contracts often when heated up and cooled back down. If an even temperature is not kept when working with the glass, it can easily crack. Hard glass, like borosilicate, is much more forgiving because it shrinks less when cooled.

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