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Lab Coats

Also known at “white coats,” a laboratory (or “lab”) coat is a knee-length garment worn by professionals in the medical and science fields. In addition to protecting clothing, lab coats also serve as a recognizable uniform. The coats are often made from cotton, linen or a polyester blend. The light color allows for the coat to be washed at very high temperatures without the risk of fading or bleeding.

Historically, lab coats were associated with scientists. Because of the mysticism associated with nineteenth century medicine, white coats were seen as a way to transition to a more scientific approach to medicine. Instead of ties to witchcraft and quackery of mystic medicine, physicians sought to represent themselves as scientists. Therefore, they began to wear the uniform of a scientist – the white lab coat. Now, white coat ceremonies are popular among students entering into medical school.

In a laboratory, the coat can protect against spills with potentially dangerous solutions, like acid. The long sleeves and absorbent material help to soak up the solutions and keep them off the skin. Buttons or elastic located at the end of the sleeves keep them taut around the wrist. This way, they do not hang into chemical containers.

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