bicknell supplyThe experts at Macalaster Bicknell supply high tech glass tubing, rods and accessories to customers in the United States and around the world.

Macalaster Bicknell Supply Company

Our certified Macalaster Bicknell supply of glass tubing covers a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. We stock standard wall tubes, but we also offer medium and heavy wall glass tubing as well. The thick walls of the tube offer superior protection from corrosion and abrasion. Which is why they’re often used by telecommunication and power companies for cable laying and repair. The tube’s propensity for protection against moisture provides protection for cables that are buried beneath the ground.

For laboratory use, we at Macalaster Bicknell supply a range of special wall and capillary tubing. The tiny capillary tubes are great for storing small samples safely.

Glass Supplies

In addition to tubing, Macalaster Bicknell also offers a variety of laboratory and scientific glass. The Macalaster Bicknell supply of flasks, glass blanks, serum bottles and vials can fully stock any chemistry or biology lab. Our glass products are made with borosilicate glass, which is comprised of silica and boron trioxide. This chemical makeup gives the glass its very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, the glass is more resistant to thermal shock than other common glass. Additionally, borosilicate glass is chemical resistant, which makes it ideal for storing chemical solutions.

Superior Customer Service

Extreme care is used when packaging orders for shipment. Every order is checked and rechecked by experienced personnel to ensure that all items are carefully packaged and ready for shipment. Should any item arrive damaged, contact us immediately for prompt assistance. We’ll work with you to help file your claim.

Since 1950, Macalaster Bicknell has been a preferred supplier of glass rods, tubing and supplies. And when you consider our high-quality products and superior customer service, it’s not hard to understand why. Contact us today to experience for yourself what makes Macalaster Bicknell a premiere supplier of high tech glass!