bicknell supply companyMacalaster Bicknell supply company of New Jersey has been a preferred source of high tech glass rods, tubing and supplies since 1950. We stock an impressive inventory of borosilicate glass products and laboratory essentials for the modern scientist and artisan.

Glass Tubing & Rod

Whether you need to connect scientific apparatus, protect underground cables or create a spectacular glass blown vase, Macalaster Bicknell stocks the borosilicate glass tubing you need.

We offer a selection of heavy wall, medium wall, standard wall, special wall and capillary tubing. Glass tubing can be bent, cut and shaped to accommodate various types of laboratory setups. Heavy wall and medium wall tubing can provide protection and a moisture barrier from power cables buried underground. Capillary tubing is ideal for small sample storage. And our line of colored glass tubing is great for glass blowing and lampworking.

Our solid glass rods can be used as stirring bars in scientific applications. Or they can be shaped to create decorative solid pieces like pendants, beads and figurines.

Glass Products

At Macalaster Bicknell supply company, we stock an impressive inventory of high tech glassware. From beakers and bottles to flasks and funnels, we have a variety of products to meet an array of applications.

For distillation applications, choose from a selection of our round bottom flasks. The spherical shape of the piece allows for even distribution of heat, and the narrow neck reduces solvent loss. Our Erlenmeyer flasks are ideal for titrations, as solutions seldom spill due to the sloping sides and narrow neck.

We also stock a variety of bottles for storing solutions. Our reagent bottles can accommodate a universal rubber stopper, while our media bottles accept threaded caps. We also stock serum and solution bottles that can hold as little as a few milliliters to as large as 12 gallons.


Although we offer a wide selection of high tech glass products, we also offer a selection of laboratory essentials. From lab coats and labels to brushes and burettes, we stock everything you’ll need for your laboratory applications.

Browse the impressive inventory at Macalaster Bicknell supply company and place your order with us today!